Are you a new mom, new to the area or maybe just looking to meet other local moms? Are you up for moms night out, playdates and get togethers, holiday parties, wine club, book club and/or family events? If so, we hope you will join us!

MOMS Club of Morris Plains is the local chapter of a national organization focused on M​oms Offering Moms Support. Our chapter was founded in July 2006 and is made up of more than 50 moms in Morris Plains and Randolph, including at-home moms and those working part and full time. New members are joining all the time!


J​o​i​n MOMS Club of Morris Plains today!

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Please note that the Facebook page is private and limited to current members. Therefore, if you request to join, you may receive a message with information on how to become a member by registering on MeetUp. Please be sure to check your "other" or "filtered messages" folder. 

MOMS Club of Morris Plains, NJ